Exclusive range of auction items

If you are already running an auction at your event, you can use our supply only service to simply ‘top up’ any existing items and donations you may have.

Do you need auction items only?
We provide to charities on a sale or return basis, with absolutely no risk

If an item is not sold, there is no charge. You just simply send it back to us and the return postage is paid by us.

Access to Exclusive Products

We pride ourselves on our product range of more than 2000 auction items from a vast selection of categories
no other auction supplier can provide.

Our company source and supply all of our products, many of which are unique pieces you cannot find anywhere else.

We will work with you every step of the way to assure that you have the best-suited items
to fit your guests’ criteria.

We provide auction items on a sale or return basis, which means there is no risk to you. If an item does not sell, there is no cost for you; we simply take the item back with us.

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Choosing the right solution

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We promise to provide you with a secure service where you can feel rest assured you are in safe hands
with our ability to deliver outstanding results at your event.

We aim to establish a long-standing business future with all of our partners, organisations and charities.