Event Information

Event Name Swing Dance for the Soldiers
Event Date Saturday 5th October 2019
Charity Name ABF The Soldiers Charity
Event Type Charity Ball
Event Venue & Address Exeter Castle, Castle St, Exeter EX4 3PU


GiveFundraising Details

Account Manager Nicholas Gilbert
Office Telephone +44 (0)1753 537 125
Mobile +44 (0)752 327 2816
Email Address [email protected]


Service Details

Total Cost of Service £0.00
Payment Due Date Not Applicable
Details of Service
Package based on providing Full Silent Auction Management with Interactive Tablet Bidding and Pledging System,
based on 300 guests, 30 tables offering the following

  • Organise and manage the entire silent auction complete with your chosen bidding style.
  • Dedicated event webpage to run online auctions on the weeks leading up to the event.
  • Provide professional and experienced fundraising staff at the event including an account manager, staff to encourage bidding and technicians on-site from start to end time of the event.
  • Interactive Fundraising Tablet equipment hire (2 per table) for 1 x evening including pre-event programming, post-event reporting, server/wifi/printer hire and software license.
  • Provide a pledging system for guests to place direct donations throughout the event.
  • Auction lots provided by yourselves – Full proceeds of those items goes to charity (no commission based caps or percentages).
  • Auction lots provided by GiveFundraising – All auction lots are provided on a sale or return basis with no commission being paid to GiveFundraising – 100% of the profit (winning bid minus supply price of prize) goes direct to the charity.
  • Set-up and display both yours and GiveFundraising items professionally at the event including lcd displays to show experience packages.
  • Leaderboard (with real-time live bidding information) on main display and the venues screens around the room.
  • Payment processing for all auction items and donations. We accept any credit or debit cards by Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or Amex.
  • Full breakdown reports of bids received and money raised for charity.
  • Continue to work with you after the event providing after-sales for both you as the event organiser and your guests. This includes providing you with a breakdown of sales and profit generated, shipping of products, issuing vouchers and managing experiences & holidays bookings.


GiveFundraising Products Confirmed in Package

  • Account Management & Technology Licensing Fee
  • Standard Leaderboard Sequences for AV Screens
  • Interactive Fundraising Tablets
  • Full Payment Collection & Processing Service
  • Fully Mobile Responsive Fundraising Website
  • Event Manager Fee (incl. expenses)
  • Technician Staff (incl. expenses)
  • Fundraising Event Staff – Total (incl. expenses)
  • Portal Build Cost
  • Event Support Fee (incl. expenses)
  • GiveFundraising Silent Auction Lots
  • Logistics Cost (Kit Transport, Set up & Pack Down)


Requirements from GiveFundraising

  • Our team requires access to the venue a minimum of 3 hours before the start time of the event.
  • Our team requires the location of the silent auction display to be visible to guests, ideally by the champagne reception or in the main room.
  • Our team requires a minimum of 3 clothed trestle tables to display GiveFundraising auction items (if applicable).
  • Our team requires the MC/host to announce the silent auction at the beginning and throughout the event where possible (silent auction announcement details will be given to you by your Account Manager).



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Terms & Conditions

1.     These Terms & Conditions and the Event Booking Form together set out the agreement on which GiveFundraising has agreed to provide the mentioned services as a contractor to the Client.


This agreement:

(a)     starts on the Date of agreement; and
(b)     ends after the final payment is made to the Charity.


3.     PAYMENT OF FEE (where applicable)
The Client shall pay the Total Cost of Service to GiveFundraising on the Payment Due Date. Failure to pay the Total Cost of Service will allow GiveFundraising the right to cancel the event services.
If there is no Total Cost of Service, no payment is required.


When requested by the Client, GiveFundraising will collect payment for any lots on behalf of the Client. In addition, the collection of payments agrees to pay 3% for all card payments to cover transaction fees from the card machines. Any outstanding payments after the event will be chased the following working day. GiveFundraising shall chase payment and collect all monies for up to a maximum of 28 days after the event. If multiples of items are available, GiveFundraising will contact the under bidders to see if they are interested in the item and all charity proceeds will be given accordingly.

Items paid for at the event will be released immediately. Items paid for at a later date will be delivered to the customer for a shipping fee of £20.00, unless the customer makes their own arrangements to collect from the office address.


Once all payments have been collected and processed, the Client will invoice GiveFundraising for the amount due. Payment will then be made from GiveFundraising to the Client via the Payment Method agreed above within 7 days.


In the event of a cancellation or postponement, any work started and/or completed at time of cancellation, including any equipment, printing or staffing out costs, will be chargeable.


The Client shall ensure that GiveFundraising, its employees and contractors are given full access to:

–       the Venue a minimum of 2 hours before the start time of the event; and
–       electricity, water and other basic services

from the Start Time until the End Time.


Each party shall keep confidential any information about the other party and this agreement
that comes into its knowledge and/or possession.


This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales.