The Process

Before the event

  • We guide you through the planning process of the auction with a pre-event consultation. This helps us to understand the event criteria and your fundraising goals.
  • We work with you to tailor a selection of auction items that best suit your guests and the profile of the event.
    We take this opportunity to plan and organise the logistics.
  • We produce the auction brochures, presentations, display boards, and promotional material for the auction display. We can include any preferences, additional material and donated items you may have.
  • Online auctions are available for guests during the lead up to your event. This is a great opportunity to receive bids before the event has even started and publicise the auction items to supporters of the charity who won’t be there in person. Click here for more information about our online auctions.

Key features: Dedicated account manager, Logistics team with years of experience, Access to our broad collection of auction items, Venue visits if required.

At the event

  • Presentation is everything. Our dedicated team arrives before the event to set up and display the auction items in a professional manner.
    We use this time to prepare the venue by distributing the auction brochures, tablets, digital presentations and promotional material to enhance the visual aspects surrounding your event.
  • As guests arrive, our devoted fundraising team welcomes and explains the process of the silent auction and how to bid. Throughout the event, we can be as involved or as discreet as you wish, helping with any questions and ensuring everyone is clear on the bidding process. Our fundraising team are on-site at all times to create an enthusiastic atmosphere and encourage bids.
  • Leaderboards are available to display the current bidding activity to the guests. This generally increases the engagement and creates competitiveness amongst guests.
  • Once we have received all the bids and the auction has been closed, we collate the information and determine the winners. We notify the successful bidders, take payments and have the prize/s ready to collect or arrange the shipping.
  • At the end of the event, we let you know the amount of money raised for the charity.

Key features: Experienced team on-site at all times, Account manager to deliver live reports, Secure payment processing, Access to end-of-event reports.

After the event

  • The following day we provide a breakdown of all bids received and the bidders’ contact details should you wish to get in touch with them.
  • Our team provides a fast turnaround on any outstanding payments.
  • Our after-sales team provides customer care to you and to the guests of the event. This includes shipping of items, issuing of vouchers, and any further queries in regards to the silent auction and items.
  • We provide you with one full secure payment via bank transfer or cheque, along with the post-event report which includes a detailed breakdown of all monies raised.
  • We endeavour to establish a future business partnership with you, where we can provide support for your cause through both forthcoming events and online fundraising.

Key features: Debrief session with your account manager, Full secure payment to the charity, Free donations and special offers available for repeat bookings.

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Pre-Event Bidding
Raffles & Pledges
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Payment Processing
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Raffles, donations & pledges

Our service includes the management of raffles, donations and pledges. This gives you more time to concentrate
on other aspects of your event, with a certainty that the fundraising is in safe hands.

We promise to provide you with a secure service where your money is protected at all times and sent to you, alongside all other money raised, within 7 days of the event.

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Choosing The Right Solution

We will help you to decide on the right silent auction platform for your event. This is usually based on features of the event such as the theme, the number of guests and the demographics of the attendees.

It is also important to have the right auction items. To your benefit, our stock is always kept up-to-date, with current items that are available to be put into the auction at your event.

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