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The Country Trust

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The Country Trust

Our vision

Every child understands farming, the countryside, and how our food is produced through high quality learning experiences.

Our mission

To bring food, farming and the countryside alive for disadvantaged children, sharing knowledge, igniting curiosity and broadening horizons.


We will make it possible for

    Farmers to share their love and passion for what they do

    Children to have the opportunity to engage in the real world of the countryside, farming and food production, gaining practical knowledge which will help them to make more informed food choices in the future

    Children to gain the confidence to try new things, building a rich bank of experiences to draw on as vital building blocks in their personal development

    Children to have the opportunity to display new attitudes and behaviours, and develop positive relationships with adults

    Children to feel more at home in the countryside and more responsible for their own and the wider environment

    More teachers to see the potential of the countryside as a learning resource and feel more confident to use it to enhance their teaching