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St Albans Community Association

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St Albans Community Association

The charity was established in 1983, with the commitment of a number of people, including Pat Ryan and Beryl Chandler.

Pat remained on the Board until 2009 and although Pat is not directly involved in St Albans, she was still on hand for the support and advice we needed from time to time until she sadly passed away in January 2012.

    The organisation is funded by several means, including the local authority, individual grant funders, donations and charges for services.

    St Albans prides itself on supporting members of the local to participate in a wide range of activities to improve their lives.

Vision, Mission and Values:

Our Vision

Our vision is for a community in which all are valued and respected where every resident has access to the information, support and quality services they need.

Our Mission

To be an asset to the local community by providing access to inclusive and supportive services.

Our Values

    Honesty and Integrity

    Dignity and Respect

    Transparency and Openness

    Commitment to Excellence