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Mityana Charity

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Mityana Charity

The Charity’s aims are the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the relief of sickness, the advancement of religion and the promotion of sustainable development in the area of Mityana (Kibogo & Mubende) Uganda. Sustainable development means “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”.

    The advancement of education, by

        sponsoring education for people under the age of 25

        sponsoring vocational training and enterprise education for people under the age of 25 ( in particular, for girls, to become economically independent)

        funding school building projects

        providing educational facilities (including those for children with special needs)

        provision of opportunities for girls to become economically independent

    The improvement in standards of healthcare, by

        funding health clinics

        assisting in the provision of medical facilities

        assisting in the provision of medical programmes which improve healthcare for HIV/AIDS sufferers and the care of elderly

        funding training for health worker

        providing humanitarian assistance in prisons

    The support of local church communities, by

        sponsoring clergy

        providing assistance for church projects and mission

        providing resources and training

    The development of sustainable development, by

        providing farming equipment (including crops and livestock)

        providing agricultural training

        providing grants to start self sustaining projects and promote their development

    The provision of clean drinking water, by

        providing water bore holes in particularly dry areas

        providing rainwater collection systems for schools, clinics and prison

        providing latrines and toilets where these are most needed

    The provision of help to those in prison, by

        providing blankets and bedding

        providing legal services to help those who have none