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Love to Live

We are also supporting beautiful orphans in Pakistan who are currently living in poverty and are helping with the costs of food.

All cleft children deserve the right to access the necessary facilities for their operations and ongoing health treatments, together with being involved in educational programmes. What is so important is that they need to feel loved. They need to feel hope. They need to have faith and they need to have a listening ear so that they will feel worthy to live happy lives.

We will offer global support through social media too for parents to share their anxieties and worries over what the future holds for their children.

We have also established an International Inspirational Group as part of our mission too is to inspire, empower and “lift” those facing challenges by engaging with people from all walks of life throughout the world who may or may not have faced challenges themselves who can help us on our mission to encourage happiness which in turn will improve not only emotional health but physical health too for many people.