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Greek & Greek Cypriot Community of Enfield

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Greek & Greek Cypriot Community of Enfield

A group of people wishing to help our community got together in 1994 to discuss how they could make a difference and what needs they should address; they were Professor Rena Papadopoulos, Loula Palmas, Fanoulla Kyriacou, Helen Polycarpou, Maria Panayiotou and Litsa Worrall; they were assisted by Achilleas Georgiou in their endeavours.  These people represent all that is good in community leadership and they serve as an example of what can be achieved with determination and commitment.

Today, the organisation has become an asset to its community.  It works with all mainstream services to inform, advise, represent and influence provision.  It grows in strength and always aims to increase its capacity to deliver more services.  It has acquired national quality standards for all its services.

We currently employ nearly 60 staff to ensure we provide an excellent service, we are constantly looking for staff for our Homecare service and would encourage you to look at our vacancy page for more details.