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Ark Housing Trust

At Ark Housing Trust we believe in the vulnerable adults we are supporting. We want to see them living as full members of their communities, active participants in their world, with their views valued and listened to. We want to see:

  • ex-offenders given a positive sense of purpose enabling them to turn their back on crime
  • the post-institutionalised supported to learn the basics of independent life
  • marginalised and overlooked adults having the opportunities to express their views in a meaningful and positive way
  • those with mental health issues accessing appropriate support
  • people struggling with addiction understanding a sense of purpose and value in their lives

We believe we have created a model that will enable all this and more.

Vulnerable adults are often overlooked by society, housed but not cared for, accommodated but not appreciated, a silent voice crying out for attention to which no-one is listening. Many landlords do not want to make their housing available to vulnerable adults, fearful of costs they may incur and issues that may arise from allowing people with complicated life-stories or reduced mental capabilities into their housing.

Ark has created a financial model that we believe will enable us, and others to provide managed housing with the required care these tenants need. Currently we have capacity to support 53 vulnerable adults in the Buxton and Matlock area of Derbyshire, the test-bed for our model. By the end of 2017 we aim to have demonstrated its viability, and at that point we are keen to make it available wider – to councils, housing associations, and private landlords across the UK.