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Anna Kennedy Online

Anna Kennedy Online have been raising awareness through various communities through plug in talks and Schools, colleges and workplaces to promote the ‘Give Us a Break campaign’ and to raise Autism Awareness with the support of Anna Kennedy Online, which in turn has promoted networking and endorsed partnerships. The Give us a break campaign has been targeted in schools and colleges across the UK and has also now spread and been fundamental in workplaces and institutions that have benefited so much from sharing knowledge and life experiences. Anna Kennedy Online have built contacts in the community with the local papers, radio stations that can continue this for promotion of all future events as well as local and national papers.

In 2012 Anna Kennedy Online started a wonderful show called ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ which showcased and proved that individuals with Autism do have talent from comedy sketches to singing and dancing, this spectacular show has been an annual smash hit event ever since and year upon year has generated more media attention. The participants who showcase their talent have used this opportunity as a springboard to other opportunities in life and giving inspiration to those with hidden talent to share abilities and revive a rare emotion called hope. In 2016 Anna Kennedy Online had acts from America, Sweden and Croatia where the Croatian Ambassador was present and this was filmed by BBC News and covered by Sky News the following day.

Anna Kennedy Online continues from strength to strength with raising awareness in the House of Commons on two occasions as this is fundamental in raising awareness as this hidden disability remains undiagnosed far too long or if diagnosed the right care and opportunities have not always been provided, the processed need streamlining across the UK and to prevent the postcode lottery across local authorities and to focus on the people rather than the numbers is the key intention.

Anna Kennedy Online and the positive role model of this charity that has the right ethos and pure intentions and positive integrity of this small charity is now spreading like wild fire across the UK and not just a few individuals but communities right across the UK and beyond have benefited from Anna Kennedy Online.

Anna Kennedy Online is a massive advocate and have built a whole social media community with over 50,000 followers on Twitter alone where positive messages keep the community going daily.