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Animals in Distress

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Animals in Distress

Animals in Distress was founded in 1967 to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals. This is still the main aim today. It is achieved through a number of methods. These include 24-hour rescue, veterinary treatment, neutering and a micro-chipping scheme. Education, advice programmes and work experience placements back up these practical steps.

This work involves strays, abandoned animals, cruelty cases and road traffic accidents and with the new Retirement Home we are able to offer long term care to older animals.

We have now been running 50 years But we could not survive without your help.


Our 24hr emergency work is the most difficult, costly and unpredictable. The majority of cases stem from road accidents and owners are rarely found. The animals are examined by a vet and if too badly injured they have their suffering ended by a painless injection. Most are treated and kept to convalesce before being neutered and re-homed. This can be expensive, as a broken leg can cost over £250 and an x-ray around £60.

The two sanctuaries have rising vet’s fees, food, disinfectants, mortgage, insurance and transport costs. Our resources are stretched to the limit. We need your support to enable our expanding work to continue. We have bought steam cleaners which has helped us save costs in disinfectants and kills bacteria more quickly and efficiently. This is something that the hospitals do and find works better in keeping down infection.